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The songs are so different that you are bound to find something you dig. We did.”

NorthWest Music Scene

Give it a chance”

Speech Machine is an independent, alternative rock music project. Leading the band is singer/songwriter/guitarist Martin Charlebois. Other instruments, such as keys and cello, are played by guest musicians from the Seattle area. Guest musicians include Ben Smith, the drummer for rock band Heart. Speech Machine started in 2005 and has released it's 5th album in January 2017. The entire project was assessed and reviewed by NorthWest Music Scene which wrote "Trying to come up with ways to describe the music that Speech Machine makes becomes even more difficult the more you listen. This project clearly draws some influences from artists like Elliot Smith but it’s pretty hard to find anyone this project actually sounds like. At times the music is soft and shimmery and at other times hopped up with progressive grooves. Heart drummer Ben Smith has lent his stick prowess to some of the songs created by the mind of Martin Charlebois and I guess the best way to describe it, is painting with instruments. Charlebois also has a very interesting story and that has no doubt led to the uniqueness of this band and his willingness to take risks...  think a lot of people would like the music if they gave it a chance and listen to a good amount of it, because it definitely grows on you..."

Painting with instruments”
The debut album, 'Curious Punishments of Bygone Days', was released in 2006. The album is defined by acoustic guitar, soft melodies, and dark key changes. Dave Segal from The Stranger wrote “Curious Punishments of Bygone Days abounds with soft midnight blue atmospheres.
'Speech Machine II'  is dark yet uplifting and was released in 2009. The album features cool jazz beats and licks, with a Seattle rock sound. Marrissa Lamparht, freelance music critic, writes, “this is an album that [is] unique and thought-provoking and progressive."
'Speech Machine III' was released in 2012. The album features bassoon, cello, keyboard, a few guest drummers, and powerful vocals. Gabor Klienbloesem, from Stutter’zine magazine, describes the album as “a mix of classic rock, a little prog, and a lot of Seattle alternative 90’s rock.”